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Newsletter: The Keynote

Each month, all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows receive our monthly email newsletter. This newsletter includes updates on upcoming workshops, scholarship competitions, events, important academic dates/deadlines and updates from the Graduate Student Council. Sent at the middle of the month, the newsletter is distributed to graduate students' UOITnet email accounts and postdoctoral fellows' accounts.

Submission deadlines

Submissions to The Keynote are due the second Friday of each month. Please refer to the deadlines below. 

Issue Deadline for submissions Distribution date
September 2018 September 14 Week of September 17
October 2018 October 12 Week of October 15
November 2018 November 9 Week of November 12
December 2018* December 7 Week of December 10
January 2019 January 11 Week of January 14
February 2019 February 8 Week of February 11
March 2019 March 8 Week of March 11
April 2019 April 12 Week of April 15
May 2019 May 10 Week of May 13
June 2019 June 14 Week of June 17
July 2019 July 12 Week of July 15
August 2019 August 9 Week of August 12
*earlier deadline and distribution for December 2018

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