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2016 videos

On this page you will find videos of UOIT graduate students presenting their research at the final internal 3MT® competition held on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

2016 3MT® winner

Megalai Thavakugathasalingam

Program: Master of Health Sciences (MHSc), field in Community Health

Thesis/presentation title: Reconstructing Childhood Cancer: A Young Adult’s Experience

2016 3MT® second place winner

Lauren Fridman

Program: Master of Arts, Education

Title: Examining the Impact of Digital Infographics on Literacy Education for At-Risk Youth

2016 3MT® People's Choice winner

Lorraine Ma

Program: Master of Science, Modelling and Computational Science

Title: 2D-3D Image Registration Algorithms for Cardiac MRI

2016 3MT® finalists

Shahrzad Pezhman

Program: Master of Health Sciences, Kinesiology field

Title: Effect of Gymnastics on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Keri-Ellen Walcer

Program: Master of Health Sciences, Kinesiology field

Title: Using Music to Motivate Movement in Children Aged 4 to 6 with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hanyue Xu

Program: Master of Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Integration of Bandpass Filter with Dielectric Resonator Antenna