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Meet the participants

3MT participants

We are pleased to introduce this year's Three MInute Thesis (3MT®) participants. All participants will present at the university's 3MT® heats on Tuesday, March 19. The top six will advance to the finals to be held on Wednesday, March 20 at 2:30 p.m.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Taylor Egan

    ProgramTaylor Egan

    Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)


    Hossam Gaber, PhD and Ruth Milman, PhD


    Design and Control of Resilient Interconnected Microgrids for Reliable Mass Transit Systems

    The transportation sector accounts for 30 per cent of secondary energy use worldwide. This is largely due to a reliance every day to transport millions of passengers and bring billions of dollars worth of economic goods to the market. Mass transit systems play an important role in today’s world. An interruption to any mass transit system can have cascading effects on the economy and social livelihood. Electrified railway systems are dependent on the electric grid. The current electric grid is vulnerable to failures, such as extreme weather, changing supply and demand patterns and cyber-terrorism. Using a new proposed engineering design framework, the resilience of existing railway infrastructures can be improved with interconnected microgrids. The proposed design is accompanied with a hierarchical control system, which features a three-level, supervisory control scheme. Four case studies of railway infrastructures in Canada and the United Kingdom are used to validate the effectiveness of the proposed designs. The reduced dependence on the electric grid allows the railway infrastructure to sustain itself when the centralized electric grid is paralyzed. The methods, techniques and designs developed are all scalable and can perform within the framework of any available energy and mass transit system. The results are both extremely impressive and promising towards a more resilient and stable energy future for our railway and other critical infrastructures.

    ABOUT Taylor

    In 2016, I was a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar and traveled to the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to study the performance of solar technology in the tropical Malaysian climate. During my exchange, I explored Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

  • Mohamed Nasser

    ProgramMohamed Nasser

    Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)


    Langis Roy, PhD and Ying Wang, PhD


    5G Communications

    5G wireless communication will be a major improvement to today's communication systems because of its ability to provide higher data rates, a reduction in response time, and improved connectivity and services in densely populated areas. Base stations will be able to be located closer together, because of the small frequency wavelengths and signal attenuation. Users of 5G communications systems should expect energy efficiency and service improvements, allowing them to stream high-quality videos and games instantly. Wireless communication transmitter and receiver systems are composed of different building blocks from antennas, filters, modulators, as well as low noise and power amplifiers. My research focuses on the antenna design part, specifically the design of wideband dual polarized antennas, given that a larger frequency bandwidth will be allocated for wireless communications once they move to sub-millimeter wave frequencies. These dual polarized antennas allow a single antenna element to simultaneously operate either as a transmitter or receiver, hence increasing the amount of data that can be transferred.

    ABOUT Mohamed

    I enjoy the outdoors.

Faculty of Health Sciences