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Grad Student Engagement

As a UOIT graduate student, you will not only acquire disciplinary expertise but also develop the professional skills needed for a successful future career in industry or academia. We aim to diversify your graduate school experience through professional development workshops and by encouraging you to participate in academic conferences and professional organizations to strengthen your networking, career and soft skills. There are also opportunities to get involved in the campus community.

About the Assistant Dean

Dr. Aziz Douai is the Assistant Dean of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS). The focus of his role is graduate student engagement.

Dr. Aziz DouaiGraduate students and postdoctoral fellows will enjoy an enhanced Graduate Professional Skills program, with the goal of developing career, networking and soft skills. The Graduate Professional Skills program and related initiatives broaden and enhance graduate students’ academic activities by strengthening professional skills needed for a successful career in industry or academia after graduation. Dr. Douai’s portfolio will also involve expanding internal and external partnerships to further optimize opportunities for graduate students.

Dr. Douai is an Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media Studies in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities. He has a diverse academic and professional background that will foster graduate student engagement. In addition to graduate teaching and supervision experience, Dr. Douai is Managing Editor of the American Communication Journal and Director of the Digital Life Media Lab at UOIT. 


“In my role as Assistant Dean of the SGPS, I will focus on enriching graduate students’ educational experience as well as fostering their professional and personal growth. I am thrilled to oversee graduate student engagement, concentrating on enhanced Graduate Professional Skills programming, and expanding our partnerships, both on and off campus. These offerings will supplement UOIT graduates’ disciplinary knowledge to ensure that they are competitive in today’s job market, and to open up new career horizons for them.” –Aziz Douai, PhD, Assistant Dean, SGPS and Associate Professor, Communication and Digital Media Studies, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

“Having Dr. Aziz Douai on board as Assistant Dean of the SGPS is a tremendous asset. His vision of encouraging our graduate students to excel in academics while embracing opportunities that add qualitative value to their education is a direct match to our strategic plan. With Aziz’s great enthusiasm and outstanding communication abilities, there will be significant expansion of our graduate professional skills offerings and newly-designed student engagement activities.” –Langis Roy, PhD, Dean, SGPS

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