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Teaching and Learning

WB-4754_GS-GradProSkillsWebsite_TeachLearn TEACHING AND LEARNING

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies partners with the university’s Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) to promote opportunities for teaching assistants (TAs) to develop their skills in instructing and mentoring undergraduates.

In-class workshops

  • Addressing Microaggressions in the Classroom

    In a learning environment that is comprised of diverse cultural values, behaviours, beliefs and language, it is important to have knowledge that will improve communication and understanding. This workshop focuses on the barriers to understanding that we build when we use and accept another’s use of microaggressions. According to Sue et al. (2007), microaggressions are brief and commonplace insults and assaults. They can be both verbal and non-verbal, and intentional or unintentional. All forms communicate hostile, derogatory or negative slights and insults. This workshop provides a brief overview of microaggressions and includes hands-on activities designed to improve professional communication and inclusiveness in the classroom and the boardroom.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Create awareness of microaggressions in everyday interactions.
    • Explore consequences from victim and perpetrator perspectives.
    • Discover techniques to minimize use.
  • Analytics for Teaching

    This workshop provides instructors with an introduction to analytics as they relate to student engagement with online learning environments including, but not limited to, Blackboard.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Explore at least three different reports that can be provided within a Blackboard course (examples: Item Analysis for Tests, Performance Dashboard, Course Reports and Retention Centre).
    • Describe how analytics can be useful in respective courses.
  • Certificate in University Teaching