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Career Management

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The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies partners with the university’s Career Centre to help graduate students to prepare for their future goals after graduation. Off-campus workshops are made available to all graduate students through the Mitacs Step program.

In-class workshops

  • Academic Job Search: Discover the Path to Success

    This workshop is designed to inform graduates seeking careers in academia with insight into the stages of an academic recruitment cycle and an overview of labour market information. We will emphasize where to find employment opportunities and typical salary ranges, as well as important strategies to develop for pursuing a career in academia.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Describe the process of a typical academic hiring cycle.
    • Identify the significance of each stage in an academic hiring cycle.
    • Write and practice an introductory speech to present to an academic committee.
    • Identify at least three effective strategies to utilize for an academic job search.
  • Ethics and Professional Etiquette

    This workshop will address how you can improve on your interpersonal and behavioural skills in the workplace. Topics of discussion will include working well with others, how to effectively communicate through different channels, appropriate body language, how to dress for success, and how to use technology properly in a professional setting.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Make a good first impression and showcase your best self to potential employers and future colleagues.
    • Use social media and email to communicate professionally.
  • Finding Time for Time Management