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Tuition refunds

Students who defend their thesis or submit a project or major paper prior to the end of an academic term may be eligible for a tuition refund. In order to be eligible for a tuition refund, students must receive a pass/certificate of approval and submit the final version of the thesis, project or major paper to the program office by the dates below.

Important note: No ancillary fees will be refunded.

Fall term

Winter term

Spring term

75 per cent refund

September 30

January 31

May 31

50 per cent refund

October 31

February 28

June 30

No refund

After October 31

After February 28

After June 30

If any of the above deadline dates fall on a weekend, the student has until the following Monday to defend the thesis and complete the requirements.

Please note:

  • Domestic students who have not yet completed the standard minimum period of registration may be assessed a minimum program tuition fee and will not be eligible for a refund for early completion.
  • Students registered in courses other than the respective thesis or project course may not qualify for a tuition refund.
  • Domestic students eligible for a refund as a result of early completion may have any applicable refund amounts returned to the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC), if tuition balance was cleared using OSAP funding. Please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid at for more information.

Credit balances

Students with a credit balance due to scholarships, awards or tuition overpayment will receive their refund according to the regularly scheduled refunds, normally after the 100 per cent refund deadline for tuition fees each term. Refund requests submitted prior to this date will not normally be considered unless there are extenuating circumstances.