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Ontario Student Access Guarantee

Through Multi-Year Accountability Agreements (MYAAs) signed with the Ministry, all provincially assisted colleges and universities agree to participate in the student access guarantee. The MYAA process is used for annual updates to institutions’ strategies and programs, and for report-backs to the Ministry.

Under the student access guarantee, it is the responsibility of institutions to ensure that graduate students are able to get enough aid to cover their costs for tuition, books, compulsory fees, equipment and supplies, when these are above the usual range of costs covered by OSAP. These are critical costs for students and they need assurance that the government and institutions will be able to provide the required level of assistance for those with established need.

The university is required to meet the tuition/book shortfalls of full-time graduate students who have applied for OSAP, and submit a Student Financial Profile application identifying their need and requesting institutional financial aid.

In addressing tuition/book shortfalls of students in graduate programs, aid can be provided through bursaries, scholarships, employment support, referral to a line of credit from a lending institution, or a combination of these forms of aid.

Please note: the Student Access Guarantee is valid for OSAP-eligible students, which may include Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and protected persons enrolled in an eligible program.

For details on the Student Access Guarantee, visit

The Student Financial Profile can be found under the Awards and Financial Aid tab in MyCampus.