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Funding for current graduate students

Current graduate students, domestic and international, may have already received a financial support package with their offer of admission. These packages are typically offered for the standard length of the program. However, students are also encouraged to apply for internal and external award opportunities.

Internal awards and funding

Internal bursaries and awards are those administered by UOIT for current students.

Graduate students who did not receive an assistantship with their offer of admission may be eligible for these funding sources if they change their program to a research-based program and/or change their status from part-time to full-time. In exceptional circumstances, students in professional programs may have the opportunity to receive an assistantship.

Graduate students with an assistantship must comply with the 10-hour rule.

Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards

The Graduate Student Research Travel Award provides financial support to graduate students in thesis-based programs who are attending and presenting research at academic or professional conferences.

Indigenous Graduate Scholarship

The Indigenous Graduate Scholarship provides financial support to graduate students in thesis-based programs that have self-identified as Indian/First Nations, Non-Status Indian/First Nations, Métis or Inuit.

External awards and funding

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for external awards to help finance their education. The application process differs for each competition, so review the information carefully to determine where and when you must apply. Please note: the majority of these are for domestic or permanent residents only.

Scholarship resources

For tips and information on how to apply for scholarships or for searchable scholarship databases, visit Scholarship Resources.

Graduate Student Funding Terms and Conditions

All graduate students who receive some source of financial support are expected to have read and understood the funding eligibility terms and conditions described in the Graduate Student Funding Terms and Conditions publication.