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Graduate student resources


Graduate Academic Calendar and Course Catalogue

This publication covers policies and procedures of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, degree requirements and much more. All graduate students should familiarize themselves with the university's policies and understand the requirements of their program.

Research Guides

A guide to the library's resources.

Course Registration Guide

Step-by-step instructions for registering for courses.


Graduate Student Funding Terms and Conditions

This publication covers the terms and conditions of admission and funding for applicants. All applicants who receive an offer of funding are expected to read and understand the funding eligibility terms and conditions as described in this publication.

Student Health Insurance Plan (all students)

The Student Insurance Plan is available to all full-time students. For details on the student health insurance plan (what is covered, how to make a claim, how to opt in or out) please visit the University Student Union website.

University Health Insurance Plan (international students)

All international students are automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Learn more on the International Students website.