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  • How do I register if I have a conditional offer of admission?

    You are not permitted to register if your conditional offer has not been cleared.

  • How do I determine which classes to take?

    Requirements for programs of study are listed in the program sections of the Graduate Academic Calendar. Students should become familiar with the degree requirements and plan their programs accordingly. Not all courses are offered in any one term or academic year. Elective offerings may vary from semester to semester. Students are advised to consult with their graduate program director, faculty advisor or research supervisor as part of the planning process. All courses in the student's program must be approved by the graduate program director.

    Students cannot take courses for credit in addition to the course requirements for their graduate program.

  • What is a continuance course?

    For administrative purposes, all graduate students in flat-fee programs are registered in a specific course known as a “continuance course”. This confirms that the student is registered in the graduate program until he or she has met all program requirements and is eligible to graduate. Unless the student has applied and been approved for a leave of absence from the program, he or she is automatically re-registered in this course at the beginning of each semester. Although the course code appears on the student's transcript, it is not graded or calculated into the student's GPA.

    Students registered in a fee-per-credit program do not have continuance courses. This includes students enrolled in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology and the Faculty of Education.

     To determine if your program is flat-fee or fee per-credit, please see the fees page.

    Continuance courses:


    ENGR 5000G


    MSCI 6999G


    SSCI 5999G

    Health Sciences

    MHSC 5000G

  • I'm trying to register for a course on MyCampus and I'm getting an error. What do I do?