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Graduate Student Meetups

Students hanging out at the Starbucks on campus

These monthly sessions are created for graduate students from first-year master's to fourth-year PhDs to discuss a monthly theme relevant to achieving success in graduate school. Join us to connect, share experiences and learn tips over complimentary appetizers.

More meetups will be announced soon!

For more information, contact the Graduate Student Engagement Coordinator at

Sample Session descriptions

Transitioning to Graduate School

Starting your academic journey as a graduate student can be a very exciting and rewarding experience; however, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. In this panel session, you will have the opportunity to hear from current graduate students who will share their experience about graduate school life – their challenges and successes. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive helpful insight as you embark on your journey as a graduate student.

Creating an Effective Graduate Student-Supervisor Relationship

Your relationship with your supervisor is an integral part of your graduate education. Clear and frequent communication of expectations is important and should be established as soon as you begin your program. Through this session, you will learn UOIT’s formal policies and expectations for student-supervisor relationships. You will also have the opportunity to discuss successful relationship management strategies to help you get the most of your student-supervisor relationship.

Living on a Budget in Graduate School

Figuring out how to live on a small budget can be helpful for graduate students. In this session, graduate students will have an opportunity to discuss the importance of setting a budget, strategies to save money, identify various on-campus and off-campus avenues to secure funding, and find creative and affordable ways to still enjoy life while in graduate school.